четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

Lockerz.com Update Completed

The new version of Lockerz.com is working now. It brought the new layout and fewer bugs. No more problems with friends counting. And new daily PTZ system - you must click the button in left bottom corner to get 2 PTZ.

How to earn PTZ? Part 3. And lockerz invite of course

Get your invitation to Lockerz.com here.

Read the 1st and the 2nd parts if you haven't do it yet.

The 3rd (and the last at the moment) way to earn PTZs is reffering your friends to Lockerz.com.
1. Visit Connect section:

2. Use this form for sending invite emails to your friends:

3. Wait. You can check status of registration of your friends on the bottom of the page:

For every reffered friend you get 2 PTZ. Invite 20 friends and become the Z-Lister. Who is Z-Lister? Read about this in next post!

среда, 13 января 2010 г.

Message from Lockerz.com administration: No new invitations for 48 ours

You can still request Lockerz.com invite but you'll receive it only in about 2 days because of lockerz.com updating.
Read full Lockerz admins message for details:

Happy 2010! Thanks so much for hanging with us during our early test of PTZ Place over the past five months.

We appreciate your patience as we've battled against some annoying display bugs, site maintenance outages and other glitches that have driven all of us nuts, as we build our site. Your feedback throughout this process has helped us build and focus smarter.

This week, we're excited to launch our new tech platform for Lockerz, which will enable us to offer members a far more reliable, bug-free site. Plus, we'll be able dramatically increase the amount of members we can delight on the site.

As a result of our migration this week, we'll be shutting down member invites for a few days. This means that you will not be able to send invites for 48 hours.

THIS IS TEMPORARY and we'll re-open the membership to new invites 48 hours from now. We're taking this step to help ensure the complete accuracy of all the PTZ balances we move to the new system.

Many have asked us when we'll launch the "real" Lockerz site and we're as excited as you are to get it live. While we can't give you an exact timeline right now, our plan is to add many new features and ways to earn PTZ within the next couple of months.

Ultimately, we hope to earn the right to become your home page and offer you 15+ ways to earn PTZ through our entertainment channels (videos, games, music), shopping and social networking innovations. And of course, PTZ Place with prizes to redeem with the PTZ you've earned.

Thanks again for your membership and for helping us build something truly unique and that you can't find anywhere else. We appreciate your feedback always! Please email us at support@lockerz.com or heykathy@lockerz.com.

Invite for Lockerz.com. How to earn PTZ? Part 2.

To get Lockerz.com invitation click here.

Check previous part of this material about getting PTZ.

The second way to earn PTZs is answering daily questions.
Log into account and look to the bottom of the page. You'll see the panel with your PTZs. Near this counter "DAILIES" button is situated.
This button yellow and circled with red color on this  pic:

Click on this button and answer the question and you'll get up to 10 PTZs for your answer. Minimum is 2 PTZs for answer. Check questions every day for getting more PTZs. You get PTZ only for the newest questions.

вторник, 12 января 2010 г.

How to earn PTZ? Get lockerz.com invite. Part 1.

If you are looking for the Lockerz.com invitation - get it here right now!

Today I'll tell to you how you can earn PTZs.

What is PTZ?

PTZ is Pointz that you get for every action at Lockerz.com. You can exchange them for some cool stuff (e.g. check this screenshot).

How earn PTZs?

Now (in beta version) there are only 3 means to get PTZ. The first one let you earn about 20 PTZ at a time. But this chance you can use only once.
After registration you will be offered to play simple game. Check demo here and train before real play.

Bookmark this blog and don't miss info about other ways to get PTZ. And more info about Lockerz.com will be added soon.

Check 2nd part now and learn another method of getting PTZ.

понедельник, 28 декабря 2009 г.

What is Lockerz.com? Get Lockerz.com Invite

If you already know what Lockerz.com is and you are looking for Lockerz.com invitation - click here and request your invite. Anyway, request, it's simple and totally free.

Lockerz.com is unique social network created to be not only place where you'll find all your friends, colleagues and those guys who attended the same kindergarten but to become your habit. Creators of Lockerz.com have really Napoleonic plans. In full version of Lockerz (will release this winter) will be avaliable tons of videos, music and games, users will be able to communicate with each other, talk about their interests. Of course, all these features are very appeal but there are another two things make Lockerz not like other social networks.

The first, for every activity on the site you receive PTZ (Pointz). This points can be spent for a great number of different stuff. Electronics, branded things and fulfilments of your's wishes... Sounds really good. Chat, listen music, watch videos, play games and get cool gifts.

The second, Lockerz.com is invite only community. It means you can't register. Only other user can invite you (and it's totally free). And I invite you, just click here and left your email!

Lockerz are down for a few moments.

Now there's this message on the site.

Don't worry about it. You can still get your Lockerz.com invitation commenting this post with your email or using this form. Very soon access for tons of almost free stuff will be reavaliabled.